Daily Strips
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suburban Heights: The Screendoor Snapshots of Parents Calling Junior In. Snapshots of a Junior Leaguer. Suburban Heights: Fruit Punch. Snapshots of a Man Going Without His Overcoat. Snapshots of a Man Getting the Light Right. The World At Its Worst: Trying to Find an Available Newspaper. Suburban Heights: Picking a Seat Bedtime Stories: The Forgotten Sunday Morning Bedtime Stories: Listening the Neighborhood to Bed Snapshots of a Man Giving Up His Seat. Bedtime Stories: Locating the Hall Switch. Snapshots of a CHild Picking Up. Hello! Hello! Too Many Cooks. Snapshots of a Man Listening to a Campaign Speech. Hello! Hello! Second Hand Calls. 5/24/1924 Hello! Hello! Some Families Need a Phone for Every Member. 6/20/1924 Holiday Days; Vacation Letter Writing. 7/9/1924
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